Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church
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Donation / Parish Support
You are now able to make a one-time contribution online and pay by credit card to any of the following:

+ Offertory
+ Parish Maintenance Fund
+ St. Vincent dePaul [OLOM Chapter]
+ Tuition Assistance
+ Memorial Donation
+ Giving Tree
+ Memorial Bible
Reserving a Room or Space
Access the RESERVATION FORM which is required for all reservations.

Save the completed document on your computer and attach it in your EMAIL to

or contact: Ms. Karen Ardoin 928.6216
Watch the Video of Our Lady of Mercy: "Where I Hear God's Voice"

Celebrations of LIFE!!! HOLY WEEK is here...

Christ’s death gives us life, and the celebration of Holy Week is a special gift we are able to give back to Him!

Come to one or all of our masses and celebrations this week at Our Lady of Mercy!

Click HERE for celebration details and mass times.

Highlights include: the veneration of the cross, Holy Communion, the Chancel Choir’s beautiful chanting of the Passion narrative from the Gospel of St. John, and a reception for newly initiated Catholics!

Our Lady of Mercy is a family of faith united in prayer, love and Catholic Tradition. We are dedicated to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through evangelism, education, and Christian example. We strive to be as faithful as the Blessed Virgin Mary and live our faith by serving God, our fellow brothers and sisters, and our community.

Church Contact Information
Office Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm [Monday-Friday]
225.926.1883 [phone]
225.923.0448 [fax]
225.928.6212 [Parish Activity Center]

Directions and Map of Church Boundaries
445 Marquette Avenue, Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the corner of the 6300 block of Government Street and Marquette Avenue. View Parish boundaries and directions here.

Church Registration
Become a member of the parish or receive the Weekly Bulletin, just call 225.926.1883 or e-mail Ms. Tina Graham.

Visit the Our Lady of Mercy School website

Current Information
+ Monthly Mass Intention: April
+ Monthly Mass Schedule: April
Our Lady of Mercy Parish Fair
MAY 2, 3, & 4
ConstructionVolunteers Wanted
Personal TentsApril 22
** Vaction Bible School 2014**
June 2 - 6
Registeration Form
Fee $25 until May 15 / $30 beginning May 16.

Open to students ENTERING grades 1st thru 6th for the 2014-2015 school year

ADULT VOLUNTEERS: positions are available, contact Ms. Michele Decoteau directly [928-6204].
March 22, 2014
Thank you for your support!!

Prayer, Knowledge, Service

For Information and Application Materials

+ Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church
445 Marquette Avenue
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806
[Phone] 225.926.1883 +[FAX]225.923.0448 + [Parish Activity Center] 225.928.6216
http://www.olomchurch.com + Email: admin@olomchurch.com

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